Commission Info

Here is my commission information, complete with samples and examples of pricing and style. All prices are listed in GBP and payment is done through PayPal invoices. If you need me to send the invoices in a different currency, just let me know and I'll whip it up no problem!
If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact me!
A general rule of thumb regarding references for your character or picture: the more, the merrier! My chief goal is to make you happy and things looking exactly the way you want, so don't feel bad about overloading me with infodumps or galleries of reference: I love the stuff!

Will / Won't Draw

I will draw most things but just to be safe and double check, have a look through this list.

Cheaper Options

From sketches to chibis, this is a nice list of commission options for people on a budget!

Tastier Options

If quality is what you're after, then these options will suit you much better. From FE Cipher-inspired cards to full-blown illustrations!

List of Will/ Won't Draw

Will Draw:
>Fan Art
>Real People (with consent)
>Mildly Explicit Content (blood, mild nudity)

Won't Draw:
>Real People (without consent)
>Explicit Content (extreme gore/nudity)
>Hurt Animals (even for battle scenes, sorry)

Budget Menu

Sketch £10
> Typically half-body, any type of character.

Chibi Character £25
> Fullbody with cel-shading, transparent or simplified background.

Tall Chibi Character £30
>Fullboday with cel-shading, transparent or simplified background.

Single Character £35
>Cel-shaded or rendered shading, any type of character, transparent or simplified background.

Sticker £15
>Single-character half-body with a simple or transparent background, in a cute style with a pose and/or phrase. +£10 if you want it printed off and sent to you!

Fire Emblem Heroes-style Sprite £15
>A FEH-style sprite, any unit type. +£5 for a custom weapon.

Deluxe Menu

Chibi Illustration £50
>2 or 3 fullbody chibis with a bright, cartoony background. +£10 for an extra character (MAX: 15)

Trading Card £60
>A half-body character in a rendered style with a simple but defined setting. +£20 for an extra character (MAX: 3)

Full Illustration £120
>3 fullbody characters with a specific, detailed background in a scene. +£40 for an extra character (MAX: 5)